Version 3

Version 3 – AKA Mini CNC
Version 3 – Operational

Version 3 was the first successful CNC in the lineage. It was designed, built, performed a function and ultimately reached the end of its usefulness. It was a crude and difficult machines, but onlookers were impressed by the fact that it worked at all.

The electronics of version 3

Version 3 did not used the L6470 drivers. Originally it used standard stepper drivers on a board called the QuadStepper from Sparkfun Electronics. Step information had to be bit banged into it on four different channels; much like 3d printers of the 2010 to 2019 era.

Sparkfun’s Quad Stepper board

This version was built out of frustration with not being able to achieve success on prior versions. It’s design was simple and it used threaded rods as the drive system. Never again with the threaded rods.