Hotend Ejection Mechanism

PolyNC hotend ejector mechanism, with red ejector handle

To facilitate the rapid changing of nozzles, I designed a method by which the entire hot end (the nozzle, heater ,thermal barrier and cooling shroud) can be removed in a tool-less manner. The system consists of a keyhole shaped stand into which the hotend snaps into place. The red handle is used to push the hot end forward just enough so that it snaps out of the keyhole.

Hotend dislocation after red handle is depressed.

Although somewhat costly, this method would vastly decrease the amount of time normally taken to switch from one nozzle to another.

Fan located behind hotend

The hotend cooling fan is connected to the back of the mount so that it does not need to travel with the rest of the hotend. There is a hole that allows air to flow through to the heat sink.